Children's Chance


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Stephanie Amaker

Executive Director

“Becoming the director of Children’s Chance is one of the greatest privileges I have had in my life. I love waking up knowing that I can make a difference in a family’s life and that is what makes my job so rewarding. Throughout the years I have been surrounded by family members, including my husband, that have been diagnosed with cancer so I know what challenges and fears these families face on a daily basis. It makes me happy that we can make it a little less stressful for our amazing families across the state of South Carolina.”

Zig the Pig

Neil Boone

Administrative Director

"Children's Chance is such a wonderful non profit that serves the families of South Carolina. I am thankful for that first volunteer opportunity that brought me to a closer relationship with Children's Chance.  Through this experience I have met some amazing families and seen their inspiring strength. At the end of the day it makes me strive to work at maximum capacity because we have families counting on us. I understand the fears and the feeling of unknown these families are experiencing; I too, have been faced with cancer with close relatives. Those are the worst feelings, and that is why I am dedicated to working hard to be able to give our families ease during their time of  crisis."

Children's Chance

Board of Directors 

Board Chair

Bryan Fox

"I was invited to join the Children’s Chance Board of Directors by a personal friend because of his own rewarding experience working with the charity.  I have had previous experience with organizations where board members were rather disconnected from the actual work of the charity, and I wanted to be involved with something where I could feel the impact directly.   I have always had a love of helping others, especially children and families.  As a board member of Children’s Chance I have the opportunity to be actively involved in most of the events we do, which allows me to meet many of the amazing families that have been impacted by the work we do."


Sara Tucker


Tom Barnes

“As an adult survivor of cancer, I know how hard it can be to be in treatment wondering what the future holds. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to watch your child in treatment. By being involved with Children’s Chance I hope to make a difference in the lives of these families.”

Justine Tate


"Philanthropy is a passion of mine. Outside of my full-time job, I enjoy volunteering my time with various programs and non-profits in the local Columbia community, particularly when the initiative is focused on women and children. There are many worthy causes out there, but for me, Children's Chance is at the top of the list. I'm honored to be a part of an active board who work hard to support the local community, try to make a small difference in the world and most importantly, make life a little less burdensome for the wonderful families of Children's Chance."

Judy Barnes


“Children have always been my passion. For 27 years, I was a first grade teacher and for 6 years a guidance counselor. I saw what a diagnosis of cancer can do to families. Helping families find resources and counseling with siblings was a part of my job. After finding out about Children’s Chance, I knew I wanted to be a part of an organization that provided help to these families. I was impressed by the fact that Children’s Chance helped with the non-medical services for families. I thought this was a way I could continue helping children.”

Kelly Oswald