Helping Families Face Pediatric Cancer

Since 1996, our mission has been to assist children and families facing pediatric cancer throughout the state of South Carolina. This is a time that support is strongly needed by families and that is what our non-profit organization provides. Children’s Chance helps families with non medical expenses.

It is more statistically likely that one parent has to leave their job to care for their child, causing a financial rift in the household. Over twenty years ago the founders of Children’s Chance saw this gap when their daughters were diagnosed. Since then, our non-profit has been striving to remove this weight from families.

 Families are eligible for assistance while their child is on treatment and up to a year after completion of treatment. Children’s Chance works closely with hospital social workers around the state to register new applicants as well as getting updates on needs of the family.

Coping with cancer is something that everyone processes differently; that is why we fund and support different programs to benefit the child and family. Children’s Chance can also provide up to 6 counseling sessions with a certified counselor or therapist for family members. We want every family member to feel at ease during this unfamiliar time.

In addition to support, we also host outings for our families. This is a great way for families to break free from hospital visits, enjoy themselves, and network with other families facing the same struggles.

All in all, Children’s Chance wants to provide comfort and support so that the family may spend more quality time with their child. We would love for you to support our cause so that we can continue the journey we began twenty years ago.


Children's Chance is a nonprofit organization (501-C-3), established on September 25, 1996 to assist children with cancer and their families in South Carolina with non medical needs. 

Children's Chance funds the following programs.

Support for over 82 families in 24 months

(statistics based off of a 24 month time period)

Paid over $19,000 in electricity bills for families


 Provides families assistance by paying non-medical expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car repairs, and many other monthly living expenses. 

Angel Fund provided $405 worth of giftcards


 Assists families with "out-of-pocket" living expenses by providing gas, food and grocery cards to help relieve the financial burden of trips to the clinic. 

Love Program:

Provides families the opportunity to engage with other families at different social events. Ex: USC football and basketball games, Darlington NASCAR Race, and special family events. 

Over 50 outings for families across the state.


 Provides up to 6 counseling sessions from a certified counselor/therapist for any family member within the household affected by pediatric cancer.  

$2,200 in funeral support

The programs of Children's Chance are available to residents of South Carolina whose child with cancer is under the age of 18. If you would like information on receiving assistance from one of our programs please contact the social worker at the hospital/clinic where your child receives treatment.