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"The last thing you need to worry about while fighting for your child's life is how to pay for it and everything else! It really does so much more for the family than just pay for a bill."


 Sophie's mom

Donating to Children's Chance will help a South Carolina family in need.

We made it quick and easy for you to donate, because every dollar helps our families face pediatric cancer.



When you give to Children's Chance you become a part of a dedicated community that believes in our mission and is philanthropic at heart.

Will you join this community?

Your tax deductible donation of:


$25.00 will provide a family with a gas card to help with travel expenses to and from treatments.

$75.00 will provide a family with gas, grocery, & restaurant cards to help with expenses while traveling to and from treatments.

$150.00 will support the Art Program for three months. 

$300.00 will sponsor a family for one month through the Family Fund Program

$1,000.00 will assist a family with out-of-pocket living expenses for three months and provide gas, grocery, & restaurant cards.

$1,500.00 will sponsor a family for 5 months.